The 7 Best Routers For Home Use Reviews

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I remember when we used to live in a large house and often went back home to watch an excellent movie to release my stress. The stress often doubled when the internet connection wasn’t supporting my ambitions, and the film continued to use to buffer until the mood got destroyed.

The problem that was figured out was not with the internet cable connection, but I had a low-performance router. So, it has been quite a time that I did vast research on the Best router for home use and got the equipment updated in my social circle too.

The question of how to choose a wifi router bothers most of us all. Things aren’t that much complex, but still, you need to verify the performance delivery mechanisms. You surely would love our hand-picked wifi routers that will ease your problems of internet connectivity problems.

We’ll start with our Top Picks, then individual product reviews with their features, pros, and cons. The answers to some frequently asked questions are also provided in the end, so you understand the buying process altogether. So, let’s get started!

Best Routers For Home Use List

1) NETGEAR (RBK30-100NAS) Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color:  White
  • Dimensions: 6.7 x 3.1 x 8 Inches
  • Weight: 37.2 Ounces
  • Price: Under $200

This Netgear model is one of the best home network router with the assistance of Tri-Band Technology. The data flow between the connected devices and the router is effectively managed between tri frequency bandwidths and a dedicated backhaul connection is provided.

With this complete wifi mesh system, you have the area covered around 3500 sq ft with strong wifi signals connectivity. When you get this device for yourself, the wifi router and wall plug satellite are included in the kit for you to experience seamless internet experience. You can get additional Orbi Satellites for yourself if you want to extend the wifi coverage.

The device is the best router for home use due to the complete separate network connection establishment in a completely secure environment. You are also able to create Guest Accounts if someone from outside wants to temporarily access your wifi system. It works perfectly with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa to have better user-friendliness

The wifi setup is convenient and greatly assisted by the Orbi application that takes you through guided steps so that no hassle is faced during this. After plugging in the devices, it just takes a few more minutes to experience reliable wireless speeds of 2200 Mbps for all the connected devices. You surely are going to have no wifi dead zones with the clever use of Orbi Wall Plug Satellite.


  • 2200 Mbps Wifi Speed
  • 3 LAN (Router) Ethernet Ports
  • Tri-Band Frequency Wifi System
  • Additional Orbi Satellites extend Wifi Coverage



2) Linksys WRT AC3200 Dual-Band Open Source Router

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: Blue
  • Dimensions: 9.68 x 2.04 x 7.63 Inches
  • Weight: 27.84  Ounces
  • Price: Under $250

An excellent and one of the best home network wireless router with such powerful features and reliability. The build material used is enterprise-grade, and wifi signals are backed by revolutionary MU-MIMO technology. A blazing speed of 3200 Mbps is provided for multiple devices accessing the internet simultaneously.

Even in an intense usage period, this Linksys device will not disappoint the home users. The dual-frequency bandwidth is doubled with the deployment of Tri-Stream 160 technology that extends 80 MHz to 160 MHz. The 4k streaming and online gaming experience remain excellent while this best wifi device for home is operating and providing wireless connectivity.

If you still feel how to boost wireless signals in the home while using this device, then the best thing about this is that it is an open-source router. You can always carry out advanced customization features to the router firmware, and items can get quickly adjusted according to your needs and requirements.

All this high-quality router performance is maintained with the built-in 1.8 GHz central processing unit that delivers remarkably reliable performance. The smart wifi application provides complete control over your wifi connection, and you can get things done even from remote locations.


  • 3.2 Gbps Wifi Speed
  • Tri-Stream 160 Technology
  • Smart Wifi Mobile Application
  • Open Source Firmware Router



3) Google WiFi system (NLS-1304-25) 3-Pack Router For Home Use

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 4.17 x 4.17 x 2.7 Inches

  • Weight: 11.8 Ounces
  • Price: Under $275

The Google Wifi System has been widely recognized as one of the best home network router for all kinds of internet connection needs. It is compatible with all the cable service providers, and it doesn’t take much of a mind to set this device up for your home connection needs. A simple mobile application also allows various features such as parental controls and device prioritization for connectivity.

This device is a three packs system of wifi points. With each wifi point, you can extend the coverage up to 1500 sq ft. So, you can get excellent wireless coverage ranging around 4500 sq ft eliminating all the possible dead zones for a large home. The network assist technology selects the shortest route of wifi points to provide signals to the connected device.

Users have also got the luxury of 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports per wifi point so that you can have dedicated wired connections for critical desktops and gaming consoles. Dual Frequency bands add to the flexibility for this Google Wifi system to operate and is considered as the best router for home use due to its high-performance delivery.


  • Dual Frequency Bands
  • Coverage up to 4500 sq ft
  • 1200Mbps Wireless Speed
  • 2 Gigabit Ethernet Ports on Wifi Points



4) NETGEAR Nighthawk X10 Smart WiFi Router (R9000)- Best Overall

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 8.81 x 6.61 x 2.91 Inches
  • Weight: 65.76 Ounces
  • Price: Under $475

The most expensive in our list but easily the best home network wireless router with tremendously powerful features. Nothing can get wrong with this device, and everything seems to fall to perfection, and an incredible wifi speed of 7200 Mbps truly unlocks your internet usage experience.

This Netgear model comes with a powerful 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Processor that ensures you get maximum performance reliability for your large home needs. Although the wifi coverage area is just around 2500 sq ft, a large number of 45 devices can seamlessly carry out 4k streaming and intense internet data usage.

6 Gigabit Ethernet LAN ports are provided to truly unlock your gaming and streaming potential with no lag in the internet speeds due to dedicated wired connectivity. The powerful MU-MIMO technology makes sure each of the connected devices can get maximum utility with intense internet usage/

You also have the luxury of Amazon Cloud drive backup for data storage, and all your local media would be completely secure. Built-in 10Gb SFP+ Fiber LAN ports are also there to assist in quick Network storage access, so you always are on top of your game. The Nighthawk mobile application makes life even easier by helping in making set up procedure convenient and control internet access.


  • 10G SFP+ port
  • 6 Gigabit LAN Ports
  • 7200 Mbps wireless speed
  • 1.7 GHz Quad-Core Built-in Processor



5) Amazon eero Pro mesh WiFi system - Best Value

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 4.76 x 4.76x 1.26 Inches
  • Weight: N/A
  • Price: Under $400

The question of how to boost the wireless signal in home is perfectly catered by this Amazon eero Pro mesh Wifi system. There remains no need for wifi booster when you have got this elegant device for your home connection needs. This is the eero 2nd generation, and it has double the scope of performance from the original version.

The eero Pro is the leading managing device and comes naturally with a 1750 sq ft coverage. If you connect a modem or any other device to the ethernet port, it will be automatically detected, and the device will act accordingly.

Tri-frequency bands are available for the Amazon eero to manage internet traffic loads. This allows handling several devices connectivity simultaneously without affecting the internet speed performance. For the extension of the wifi range, the eero Beacon can be plugged into the wall, and you will instantly have an additional 1500 sq ft coverage.

The beacons can be added as many as you like as per your needs, and it features LED night light, ambient light, and an automatic dimmer. The brightness gets adjusted automatically, considering the external light environment. Best possible network security protocols are in place, making this one of the best routers for home use.


  • 2 Ethernet Ports
  • Tri Frequency Bands
  • 5500 sq ft wireless coverage
  • Mesh Wifi technology system



6) Linksys WHW0302 Velop Mesh Router

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: White
  • Dimensions: 3.1 x 6.2 x 7.3 Inches
  • Weight: 17.28 Ounces
  • Price: Under $350

This is another best home network wireless router as it also comes with mesh technology. Intelligent  velop mesh technology conveniently eliminates any wifi dead zones over the range of 4000 sq ft perfect for multi-story 3-5 bedroom homes. A single node home wifi network is created for a secure browsing environment for all the users.

An incredible wifi speed of 2.2 Gbps is provided for all the connected devices, and all of the devices can conveniently carry out 4k streaming without any lag. Tri-band frequency bandwidths availability adds to the reliability and flexibility of this Linksys best wifi device for the home. 4 LAN ports are also included to be able to have dedicated wired internet connections for desktops and gaming consoles.

Around 40 devices can be connected, and nothing affects the performance as this Velop Mesh Router also comes with MU-MIMO technology. You can add more nodes to extend the wifi coverage making full use of the Velop mesh technology. The router automatically selects the best possible route to provide signals connectivity.

The Linksys shield is the feature that makes it a strong candidate for your home wifi router needs. You are entirely safe accessing the internet while connecting to this wifi system as each of the data packets is carefully monitored, and any malware content is blocked immediately. Linksys mobile application also adds to the versatility of the operation of this device.


  • 4 Gigabit LAN Ports
  • 2.2 Gbps Wireless speeds
  • Tri-Band Frequency Wifi System
  • Intelligent Velop Mesh Technology



7) TP-Link AC1900 High Power Wireless WI-Fi Gigabit Router

Quick Overview of the Product

  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions: 3.40 x 8.70 x 6.60 Inches
  • Weight: 44 Ounces
  • Price: Under $130

This TP-Link device is the most economical option we have for your best wifi device for home needs that perfectly meets all your requirements. The wifi speeds up to 1900 Mbps are provided, and dual-frequency bandwidths of 2.4 GHz and 5GHz are available to optimize the internet traffic.

Even when the network gets too busy at any particular moment, the router performance remains commendable with the use of a built-in dual-core processor. The signals connectivity is strengthened by the Beamforming technology and helps to focus the direction of the wireless signal towards the connected devices.

3 Detachable external antennas help to deliver top-notch amplified wifi signals and maintain remarkable performance throughout. 4-gigabit ethernet ports are also provided so that you can have dedicated wired connections for gaming consoles and desktops at home. Dual USB 3.0 and 2.0 ports are also provided for external media transfer.

The feature of customizable QoS puts a high weight to be considered as the best home network wireless router as it allows the users to assign custom bandwidths for each device. The TP-Link tether application has an intuitive user interface, and you surely have excellent command over the router with no hassle at all.


  • 1900 Mbps wifi speed
  • 4 Gigabit Ethernet Ports
  • Dual 3.0 and 2.0 USB Ports
  • Built-in 1 GHz dual-core processor



Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best router to buy for home use?

NETGEAR (RBK30-100NAS) Orbi Whole Home Mesh WiFi System is the best router for home use as it isn’t just economical, powerful features are on offer too. With 2200 Mbps wireless speeds and tri-band frequency bandwidths, a reliable connection of internet connectivity is maintained.

Will a better router increase Internet speed?

The internet speed and connection reliability much depend on the router’s performance delivery mechanism. A better router can provide amplified wireless connectivity, focused signal strength, and improve the speeds offered by internet cable service providers.

Should you buy your own modem and router?

Definitely, one should buy his modem and router. It saves a lot of rental bills you are required to pay to the cable service providers if you don’t have your modem and router. Initial investments can help you to have your own equipment of your personal preferences and also help to reduce monthly internet bills.

Does it matter what modem you use?

The router is an internet gateway between your cable connection and the wifi router. It usually needs to support the internet speeds that the router aims to offer while being connected with it. The internet speed is not directly affected by the modem, but you need to have a high-quality device for a reliable internet connection that doesn’t drop out too often.

How do I know if my modem is outdated?

Currently, if your modem doesn’t have Docsis 3.0 technology, then you certainly have an outdated modem. You can also check the compatibility with your internet cable service provider, and they will surely provide you the information whether the router is compatible or an outdated one.

No Compromise On Home Wifi Router Required

When you need to buy something for your family or home-based needs, you are indeed required to get the best available option. We spent a great deal of time to present the list of Best routers for home use, and you would surely be having a real smooth internet usage experience.

We also provided answers to frequently asked questions related to how to choose a wifi router so that you can have maximum clarity. So, it is much hoped that you are now more familiar with the routers you need to go for, and yes, you will be getting one soon for your family members. 

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